Top 5 iPhone Security Apps That You Should Have

   December 3, 2013   Comments Off on Top 5 iPhone Security Apps That You Should Have

As great and as expensive as an iPhone is, there are a lot of thieves, hackers, etc. that would love to get their hands on your phone. You need to remember to keep your phone secure at all times. There are several iPhone security apps that you could install to help keep your phone safe. These apps would be able to keep everything that you want to be protected in your phone safe.


Hackers can actually intercept your calls and listen in on your conversations. If you are a business man or anyone who has important calls on your phone, you may be saying important things in your calls. You may be providing passwords, security codes, etc. And if your call is intercepted, then that information would already be compromised. To keep yourself safe from these kinds of situations, then you should have Kryptos installed on your iPhone. This is a VoIP or Voice Over IP app that would allow you to have AES-encrypted calls. This protection is actually up to the standards of those that the military use. In order for this to work, the caller and receiver should both have Kryptos installed. This is one of the iPhone security apps that are free download. It does, however have a monthly service fee.

Norton Snap

If you have a QR code reader app on your iPhone, you would be able to scan QR bar codes and have it decoded. The decoded message would usually be a hyperlink to a site. Most apps would automatically go to the link. This may be very convenient but it is also very unsafe. A malicious URL can easily be encoded by a hacker. Tools to do this are even free on the internet. To secure your phone, you need to be able to review the URLs first before you actually visit the link. Norton Snap allows you to do this.

Find My iPhone

This is one of the best iPhone security apps and one of the first installations that you should make on your iPhone. This app is directly from Apple so it is totally free. It would enable you to track your iPhone through the GPS features that it has. This is very beneficial for when you lose your iPhone or if it gets stolen. Of course, some thieves might already know how to disable this app but it is far better than nothing.

Foscam Surveillance Pro

This is one of the iPhone Security Apps that would allow you to check on your house when you are away. You would also need to have an internet connection and an IP camera. Because it would also work with other IP camera models, you would be able to have up to 6 cameras on your screen at once. You can also control the camera movements through an onscreen joystick. Monitor and Control App

This iPhone app would allow you to check your security systemís status while you are away. You can also activate and deactivate your system through this app. You may also be able to increase or decrease the temperature of our z-thermostat, depending on the level of security your system has.