Is There Such Thing As Stress Acne?

   November 26, 2013   Comments Off on Is There Such Thing As Stress Acne?

Stress, aside from the fact that it is not a good feeling, also has bad effects to your skin and even to your body. One of the effects stress can cause to your skin is to make it look old and dull. Stress is able to weaken the barriers of your skin and this causes your skin to lose its ability to protect itself from irritants. This leads to things such as rashes, eczema, and acne. So yes, stress can actually cause acne. It is not just a myth. If you are stressed a lot of times, the chances of getting acne are increased.

There are a lot of physical effects of stress. There are also a lot of emotional and psychological effects. If you lower your stress level, you are able to avoid the effects that stress could cause. Doctors have just recently confirmed that stress really does cause acne to be much worse. Doctors and other medical professional also acknowledge now that reducing worry, anxiety and tension could reduce stress and in turn, reduce acne breakouts.

You can try to talk to your doctor about how you can change your lifestyle in order to reduce stress and acne. Common suggestions from doctors may include changing your diet, doings some exercise, quit smoking and lessen intake of alcohol. They may also tell you to do some yoga or other relaxation methods in order to lessen your stress level.

Immune System And Stress

Your immune system has a lot to do with acne as well. If you are stress, your immune system goes into overdrive and becomes more aggressive. It would attack the acne bacterium in your hair follicles hard. This would result to some fibrous scars around the infection. It will also cause some inflammation or red acne lesion. What happens then is that the scar tissue would pull on the hair follicle. That causes a scar on your skin. When you control and reduce your stress level, your immune system won’t get into this state.

What Are Your Stress Triggers?

In these modern times, there are so many things to do, so many things to learn, so much to attend to. All these things happening at once would inevitable cause stress in our lives. Each person’s reaction to stress varies, depending on their personality. Some people only see stress as an uncomfortable feeling. It may bother them, it may not.

For some people, even little things like traffic, waiting in line, etc. may cause them a whole lot of stress already and it affects their whole psychology for that day. Other deeper events, like break ups, relationship issues, exams, financial problems, etc. also cause a lot of stress to a lot of people. You need to be able to know what events trigger your stress. Once you know what they are, you will be able to try to avoid them or at least be prepared for them so you can deal with them better.

Pressure and stress not only brings you acne but it really affects the way you live and deal with things as well. So find out what are your stress buttons and find ways to control and reduce their occurrences in your life to avoid acne breakouts and live happier.