How Does A Soda Fountain Machine Work?

   October 24, 2013   Comments Off on How Does A Soda Fountain Machine Work?

What is a soda fountain? It is basically just a machine that dispenses soda. A lot of businesses use soda fountain machines. Examples would be fastfoods, restaurants, convenience stores, food stands, etc. The machine mixes together water, carbon dioxide and syrup in order to make soda.

The Soda

The carbon dioxide is going to be dissolved in water. This is done through a carbonator increasing the pressure of carbon dioxide. It can also be done by decreasing the temperature of water instead. To increase the pressure of water, booster pumps are used. This would have the carbon dioxide dissolve.

The Syrup

After that, the resulting soda water would be mixed together with flavored syrup. Once they are mixed thoroughly, the outcome is already soda or soft drink. This would then be dispensed through a nozzle in the machine. This nozzle is activated by pushing down on a lever. The syrup that is added is stored in a plastic bag and is connected to tubes.

The Ice Bin

There is also an ice bin connected to the soda fountain machine to keep the drinks cold. Customers can also choose to dispense ice. The ice dispenser would have a rotary device inside that would push the ice down a hole when a lever is pushed. The customer would then catch the ice in their cup. At the bottom of the machine, a bin would be there to catch extra ice and extra soda. This bin also has a drain for the melted ice or extra drinks to be disposed.

The Customer

As a customer, the usual process of using the soda fountain machine is to simply pay for it, get a cup or mug, go to the soda fountain, place your cup and push on the lever corresponding to the drink you paid for. If you want ice, just place your cup and push down on the lever that is for ice.