Become a Better Business Writer

   March 11, 2014   Comments Off on Become a Better Business Writer

If you can write well then you have a distinct advantage. To be able to write well means that you can also communicate well. Communication skills such as writing are much in demand within any workplace. Once you realize that you have to take advantage of it. The work that you do might not entirely be about writing, but it is certainly going to serve you well.

A career that’s flourishing and a promise of bigger and better things – that’s what most people want. For sure, that’s what you would like in your career as well. If one of your tasks in the fulfillment of your job involves business writing, then being a naturally capable writer is certainly going to be a major plus.

Business writing requires some specific knowledge to be done right, though. Being able to write is not a guarantee that you could immediately write well in a business capacity for a company or any organization. You need to know the right things to do it. Some tips about how to become a better business writer are sure to prove very useful to you.

Clarity is Important

Business writing needs to be clear, first and foremost. You have to go for clarity in order to make sure that there is no mistake in understanding your intentions. Effective communication calls for clarity all the time, and once you achieve that in business writing, then you are halfway towards succeeding. To make it even clear, you could divide your writing simply into three parts – introduction where you state the reason for writing, provide the needed information and the right amount of details, and then close it out by stating your expectations and what you want.

Keep it Simple

Using simple words is better than trying to make it all too complicated and using complex words and terms. There is really no need for that, especially if there is a simpler way to say it. There is no need to try forcing things by trying to make yourself sound like some expert or someone who knows all the technicalities of the subject. Simple and plain words should be able to serve you just as well and is much easier to comprehend.

Active Voice

Use the active, rather than the passive voice. Constructing your sentences using the active voice (subject – verb – object), will make it seem that there’s a little more sense of urgency to it. Having that kind of sense will make an immediate and affirmative response more appropriate.

Stay Focused on Your Goals

The goals that you have should be at the center of your piece of writing, you should never deviate from that. Keeping that in your mind is going to help you say the things that you want and need to say to those who have to read what you are going to write.

Professional Tone

A professional tone should have to be kept throughout your writing. Even though you should not try to be strictly formal – sometimes stiffly so – there still has to be some element of professionalism that will accord you some respect from those who read what you write.